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Time Can be Your Friend

People live by the calendar and operate by the clock. When you are late turning in your papers, your grade gets lowered. When you don’t pay your bills, you get stuck with a penalty. If you are late finishing some work, you may be out of a job. It can seem as if time is your enemy, but you can make it your best friend!

Friendship with money can change our lives. Time is our greatest asset to grow all other assets, creating the opportunity for investments to flourish. Obviously, parents want to do whatever is in their power to help their children get a leg up in life. Multiplying money by time makes more money, money that can provide children a quality education, that can play a huge role in your kid’s success for years to come.

The days can seem long at times, but the years go by fast. It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s future. If your goal is to save money for college – U-Nest is your first choice.

U-Nest is a financial app that helps families save money for higher education. While a typical savings account earns only a little bit of interest, really just sitting there inert, U-Nest’s experienced financial advisors know how to multiply money for smart parents, using time, experience and a tax-free educational plan. You work hard for your money, let time work hard to make more for you!

Let’s say when you take those hungry kids to Costco every week you stop and spend $5 each time you pass the Dollar Tree store. That’s $260 per year. If you skip the store and instead deposit the money in a U-Nest college account for 10 years at 5% interest, you’ll end up with over $3,400. Keep going for 8 more years and you’ll have over $7,600.

Now imagine that same savings account gets boosts along the way from a grandparent or auntie or anyone else who loves your family. If you open the account with $1,000 and keep up your deposits for 18 years, you’ll have over $10,000.

Time can be on your side! It’s time to get U-Nest on your side! U-Nest can nurture your money while you concentrate on nurturing your family.