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The Plan to Save for Your Child’s Future

The high school graduation clock starts counting down as soon as your child is born. The golden ticket that is a college degree can offer your child a bright future and prosperous career, while giving you the peace of mind that everything will be ok. However, planning to save for this bright future is tough for many families. According to Sallie Mae, only 6 in 10 parents are saving for college, and although savings have been the highest since 2013, most families only have $18,135 saved towards higher education.

Almost every parent is thrust into the situation of planning their child’s educational future with little preparation or education regarding the investment options available. The cost of education has been skyrocketing for many years. Most parents have saved under $20,000 for their child’s future – this does not cover one year of fees, books, tuition and housing at a state run public university. The sticker price for a four-year degree at a private school is eye-watering and simply keeps inflating year-on-year.

Graduates these are days are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase their first home, start a family, pay off loans and save for retirement. We know that no parent wants this future for their child and we understand how frustrating it can be when it comes to putting money aside for college.

Save With U-Nest – It’s Simple & Easy

We simplify the process of setting the right plan and automate each step in the process.

By using the U-Nest application, you can provide your child with the bright future they deserve. For as little as $25 per month, you can help your kids achieve their dreams.

The U-Nest would love to help you build for your family’s future!