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Families of U-Nest: Tanya, Sam and Evelyne

How many kids do you have, and how old are they?

We have a daughter who is 15 months old.

What is your favorite family activity?

We are an outdoor family! We enjoy spending time together in the part or hiking.

What was your plan to pay for your kids’ college before U-Nest?

My plan was to use our family savings. But, when I realized that typical savings accounts don’t offer much growth of my money (because it’s not an investment), I raised my standards by looking for a different option. That’s how I heard about the 529 plan. Tax breaks and investment returns offered by 529 plans are hard to beat when the money is used for education.

How did U-Nest help you navigate complexities of college savings?

Life is unpredictable, and to me as a parent, it’s extremely important to secure my child’s future. Education is a big part of that. But the process of researching, choosing the right 529 plan, printing, filling out long and confusing forms, sending back applications, etc. was almost impossible due to my lack of time and ability to focus. My toddler had just started walking and was destroying the house in the background. I cannot describe my disappointment in the financial services industry still using such old systems. When I was introduced to the U-Nest app, it was a true surprise! I finally could open a college savings account for my daughter! The U-Nest team did an amazing job by providing an app that is so modern, time saving, fast, simple, paperless and super cute!

Do you have any interesting story about your own path to college?

I was lucky enough to get financial aid to pay for college, though I know my kids’ education will be my obligation, and a very important one.


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