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Solved: You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Invest

What do you feel when you learn about other families’ successful kids? Jealousy? Joy? Curiosity about how they accomplished it? Maybe a bit of everything? However you feel, you want your child to be educated and successful too, a goal for every great parent.

You don’t need me to tell you college is important. We all know how education opens doors to a better job and many other opportunities. What I want to tell you about is saving money for your child’s education, specifically, – investing early in a college fund.

I really want you to know that it’s a misconception that only rich people can invest. Many times I have witnessed parents being “trapped” in a conflicting emotional state when they wanted to invest but let something stop them. This push/pull situation usually was based on two main factors: money and opportunity to afford a financial advisor.

Most people don’t have a plan to pay for college, those who do use their family savings. 46% of families use their checking/savings account for education expenses. I’m not anti-saving; in fact, I like building savings; but unfortunately, savings lose real value every year because of inflation. Don’t let time rob you. You have the power to make more money, and to make the most of it. Every dollar invested rather than saved is worth more of you and your child’s freedom in the future. So, how much do you need in order to start investing?

You don’t need a lot of money to start investing, but every little bit counts! Are you ready for your “Aha!” moment? It takes only $25 a month to start a college fund. Yes, that’s right, it’s not an astronomical amount as you might have thought, and there is no need to waste money on financial advisors.

Do you know the scene in the movie Madagascar, where Alex the lion’s dream about steaks slowly falling from the sky spoofs an iconic scene from American Beauty? Investing for college is that dream made doable and affordable!

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In addition, it is super-expensive for an average American family to hire a financial advisor, who will probably care more about underlying broker-dealer commissions and trying to sell what will create more money for them, not your family’s goals. Besides the current cost of $200 per hour, you would have to be able to understand complicated financial papers, figure out confusing financial jargon, and, most importantly, you would need to find the right investment portfolio in order to make your account grow. Only the top 10% of Americans can currently afford a financial advisor, but there is a better way for all the rest of us.

Today, 41% of US families use at least one financial app, primarily for personal financial services, budgeting and saving. And if we are talking about saving for children’s future education, there’s only one app in the US that does it: U-Nest.

Maybe you were looking for the solution, but then life got in the way every time you set out to find it. Maybe it became one of those long standing items on your to – do list, made worse by the fact that you might have heard about all of the complexities and weren’t looking forward to the process. U-Nest changes all that; now you can create your financial dream in a super – easy way, which will take about 10 minutes. You can even do it in the bathroom when you are hiding out for a little peace and quiet.

U-Nest college savings app acts as a digital financial advisor to invest your money and rebalance your account over time, to achieve more as your child gets older. In addition, we’re always here to help with your questions and guide you through the complexities of college savings when you need us. Download U-Nest app now to get started.


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