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How to Teach Your Kids to Make Money Decisions That Benefit the Planet

“While adults haven't exactly done a bang-up job of protecting the planet for future generations (see headlines regarding our rapidly warming climate as exhibit number one) it is still possible to redeem ourselves somewhat by changing our daily habits right now…”

UNest Expands Funding Options with PayPal Integration

“Money app UNest, which helps parents invest in and save for their children’s future financial needs, announced in a Tuesday (Sept. 14) press release that it’s now integrated with PayPal on a program that will allow UNest members to put money into their kids’ investment and savings accounts.…”

5 Apps to Meet Your Financial Goals

“There's an app for everything, including your money. Some, such as the popular Mint, are the financial equivalent of a Swiss army knife. They can do a little bit of everything – from creating a budget to tracking investments.…”
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Key Investing Principles for Any Investor

“April is Financial Literacy Month, so what better time to think about saving for the future? And with so many parents struggling due to the pandemic, it’s never been more clear how vital financial literacy is for young families. As we recover, it is important to consider protecting your family for an uncertain future and to set your children...”
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How the CEO of fintech UNest is trying to make the cost of education sustainable for families

“Ksenia Udina, founder and CEO of UNest, discusses the importance of financial responsibility, and how the company offers easy access to digital 529 savings accounts...”
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New Accounts From Fintech Companies Offer Parents an Alternative to 529 Plans to Save for Their Kids’ Futures

“When Ksenia Yudina launched a startup that aimed to offer parents a simple, affordable and accessible way to save for college, she initially focused on 529 college savings plans...”