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Families of U-Nest: Olga with Alexa and Dasha

How many kids do you have, and how old are they?

I have two kids: identical twin girls. They are almost ten years old now.

What is your favorite family activity?

For us, the most important thing is to be together whatever we do! It can be traveling, going to the movie theater, or staying home. We really enjoy hanging out with friends who have kids as well.

What was your plan to pay for your kids’ college before U-Nest?

Before U-Nest I was focusing more on my life since I just obtained my own bachelor’s degree from UCLA. But, when I started to pay off my own student loans I knew I wanted a different path for my girls. So, I started to shop around and I am so happy I discovered U-Nest!

How did U-Nest help you navigate complexities of college savings?

U-Nest made my life so much easier. After searching online for many options and plans on how to start saving money for college for my girls, my head was exploding with complicated paperwork and financial terminology. With the U-Nest app (App! It’s so convenient!), it took me only ten minutes to set up an account. Now I can track my balance and transactions with one click on my phone.

Do you have any interesting story about your own path to college?

My own path to college was very thorny and rocky since I was a single mother who had just immigrated with limited English and no financial support. In spite of my situation, I was able to get my bachelor’s degree and to this day I’m very grateful! Financial aid, grants, scholarships and student loans helped me cover my tuition and life expenses. Unfortunately, student loans are like an anchor which slows down life, so of course I wish my daughters a different path!