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How to buy crypto safely?

Say you are interested in making an investment in a high-risk crypto currency. How do you know what you’re investing in and how can you create a strategy?

  1. Research: a crypto equivalent to an index fund does not yet exist. Individuals must look into individual coins.
  2. Understand structural risks: If your stock brokerage goes bankrupt, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) protects your investments. If your bank goes bankrupt, your account funds are insured by FDIC. When you invest and hold crypto at your crypto exchange or crypto broker, your funds are not protected.
  3. Buy crypto from a reputable exchange: identify whether the exchange or broker has been hacked in the past; are they insured against fraud and theft? Can you sign up from your state?
  4. Decide how you will hold your crypto: Do you want full responsibility for securing your crypto? Or do you prefer to out-source this responsibility to a crypto exchange or crypto broker? Each option has its own tradeoffs.
  5. Decide your investment strategy: Consider your own goals and risk tolerance. Your personal introspection and analysis will determine how you respond to price changes – up or down.

At UNest, we believe in providing investors access to the wealth-building opportunities that were once only afforded to people with financial advisors. Access does not come without additional responsibililty. It is important each UNest Plus member does their own research before buying cryptocurrency.