UNest – 12 months free with Haven Life

The Reward

When a UNest Customer creates a UNest account in good standing, creates a deposit and completes their quote with Haven Life during the promotional period (through March 31, 2022) in accordance with the eligibility criteria below, you will receive 12 months of a UNest subscription. Limit one reward per customer. If you receive this reward, you are not eligible for other Haven Life promotions during the promotion period.


You are eligible to receive this reward one time once you create a UNest account  in good standing, create a deposit and complete your quote with Haven Life during the promotional period (December 1st, 2021). You must keep your account open for and in good standing for the entire promotional period to continue to qualify. Anyone who earns a reward under this promotion will only receive such reward if their UNest subscription and each of their UNest accounts are in good standing with UNest at all times between meeting the eligibility criteria and the time the reward is invested.

Important Disclosures and Additional Information

This promotion is a limited time offer. Advisory services offered by UNest Advisers, LLC (“UNest”), an SEC-registered investment advisor. Investing involves risk and investments may lose value, including the loss of principal. Please consider your objectives, risk tolerance, and UNest’s fees before investing. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. UNest reserves the right to restrict, revoke or change this offer at any time at its discretion. UNest may provide other offers to other customers during the same promotional period. UNest is not responsible for any failure on your part to maintain your account in good standing or otherwise meet standards for qualifying for this promotion. This promotion only applies to referrals of new UNest customers. For the avoidance of doubt, if either you or the customer you refer is ineligible for the reward under this promotion, you will not receive the reward. Referral awards are made at the sole discretion of UNest.