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As parents, we want the best for our children. A good education is the key to their success.

The cost of college tuition is climbing at 6% a year.

This is what the cost of attending university will look like 18 years from now:

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As a result, student debt in the US has reached a historic level of $1.4 trillion!

Why Start Saving Today?

The earlier you save, the more your money will grow.

Your child will not be burdened with a huge student loan.

You won’t need to dip into your retirement savings or use other assets to pay for it.

Here is some data to consider:

  • Only 0.3% of students will receive a full-ride scholarship that will cover all their costs. The odds are as slim as winning the lottery.
  • 8% is a typical interest rate for student loans. You may pay over $100k in interest on student debt.
  • 25% of parents end up paying for children’s education out of their own retirement savings, sacrificing their financial security.
  • Students with college savings are 7 times more likely to attend college than those who don’t save.

Saving on Taxes Means Faster Growth of Your Money

Saving on Taxes Means Faster Growth of Your Money

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Assuming 8% return, 30% tax rate and $200 monthly investment.

College Savings Account

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Grow your money with UNest without having to pay taxes

  • Tax-Free Growth – Your earnings are not subject to federal income taxes as long it remains in the plan. This can help your account grow faster, since all your earnings will be reinvested.
  • Tax-Free Withdrawals – No taxes are due to the federal government when money is withdrawn for qualified expenses.

We can help you prepare today, so your kids can pursue their dreams tomorrow.

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