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Education is Our Children’s Secret Weapon

At the beginning of life, children are all very similar: weak, dependent, and helpless. But over the years with time and hard work, they transform into strong, independent, and thoughtful adults. People become who they are through three main factors: where they grow up, the people that surround them, and, most importantly, their education.

Education is the foundation to everything in our lives–our world, our relationships and even our own minds. You can tell a lot about a person by their knowledge and skills. Children are certainly different physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. It’s the different combination of these characteristics that makes your children the individual you love.

There’s one thing that’s certain about parenting: it never stops. Once you become a parent, you remain a parent for the rest of your life. We do our best to provide a loving home, healthy food, extracurricular activities, and we involve ourselves in our kids’ learning processes. When it comes to education, we choose the best daycares, schools, teachers, and colleges because we understand this will lead to a better and more independent life. It’s a big responsibility knowing that every single one of these decisions will affect our kids’ future. We create the best possible environments and encourage them positively. The final destination–college–is an aspiration for most families.

Unfortunately, some parents are so focused on the everyday routine that they lose sight of the big picture. The goal of sending their kids to college seems like some far-away event. It ends up being something that’s ignored till next week, month or year. This is wrong. Facebook regularly reminds us of those old posts we made years ago, giving us a jarring reminder of how fast time is moving along. It’s very important to start preparing now and not let this time slip away.

Planning for your child’s education makes you a better parent

While high school graduates are looking forward to starting their college careers and are optimistic about their future, their parents are faced with the looming costs of college education. Historically, college costs have doubled every 10 to 12 years, increasing faster than regular inflation and family income. It has pushed the student debt levels upward, giving college graduates a deep financial hole to dig out of as they start the next chapter of their lives. This is not the future we pictured for our kids. Even though there are options to help them recover, this is not optimal. For many, student debt will leave a messy scar in their lives. The secret is: money prepared today gives your kids a head start in life. Parents with young children have the most time to take advantage of special accounts created specifically for college savings, known as 529 plans. These accounts offer tax-free investment growth so your savings go further. Paying for college takes dedication, so any savings shortcuts should be grabbed with both hands! More and more families are taking advantage of 529 college savings plans because they value education and see a real need to fund it.

Life is uncertain, but we know one thing for sure–we want our kids to be happy and successful. There are so many options in life to choose from, but which is the best one? There is a simple, intuitive, and modern solution for college saving specifically designed for the young generation of parents. Intrigued? (Drum Roll!)

It’s the U-Nest app!

The U-Nest app is a financial mobile app that allows you to open a college fund utilizing the most efficient 529 college saving plan with great investment options to ensure the tax-free growth of your savings account. The key ingredient of U-Nest is the team: experienced financial advisors and parents whose primary motivation is to help out other parents. By combining their professional background, tools, and skills with their desire to help, they created U-Nest.

It takes parents time, energy, and resources to make the right academic choices on behalf of their kids. Getting there is a long and difficult journey, so it’s important for every parent to have a trusted partner. U-Nest is a financial advisor, created for parents to help them prepare for their kids’ future and share the joy in reaching all milestones along the way.


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