$10 Gift Terms & Conditions

In order to be eligible for the $10 gift, you must open your account on or after 03/06/2020 and make a minimum investment of $25 into your UNest 529 account. Gifts will be paid out within 7-10 business days of your first investment being debited from your account. Investors who close their account within 10 days of opening will not be eligible for the gift. Investors will be paid $10 towards the first child added to their account and will not be paid $10 for each additional child. You may make a withdrawal on principal from your UNest account at any time; however, the $10 bonus will not be eligible for withdrawal for 90 days from the date it was paid. Accounts that are otherwise not in good standing will not qualify for the promotion. This can include not passing AML or KYC requirements or providing invalid banking information. This $10 gift is made at the sole discretion of UNest. All investments must be made in accordance with the UNest terms and conditions.

Gifts are a limited time offer. Rewards are in the form of a purchase of investments in your UNest account. Investments are purchased once your account is approved and you have completed your first investment. UNest defines an account in good standing as a verified account with a successful investment. UNest reserves the right to restrict or revoke this offer at any time. Gift amount subject to change at the discretion of U-Nest Holdings Inc.

These terms were created by U-Nest Holdings, Inc., an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and a member of FINRA. U-Nest does not provide investment advice on investments that are guaranteed by a bank or otherwise, or that are FDIC-insured. Investing involves risk and investments may lose value. Please consider your objectives, 529 plan tax considerations, and U-Nest pricing before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment outcomes and projections are hypothetical in nature. U-Nest does not provide brokerage services. See U-Nest Brochure for additional information about risks. Read more important disclosures.