December 15, 2023

Gifting has
been paused

To our community,

Gifting has been temporarily paused so we can focus on relaunching with a bold new design. 

Since launch, Gifting has been a place where the most important people in your life come together to contribute towards a brighter future for your kids. Now, we want to take Gifting to the next level. Effortless invites, speedy contributions, and fewer taps to send a gift. A more delightful experience in every way.

To ensure a smooth transition for our customers, the balance within your child’s Gifting account will be automatically transferred back to your linked bank account and the ability to accept future gifts will remain paused until relaunch.

See you next summer,The UNest Team

Special Thanks

Gifting wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible customers.
Thank you for the continued support.


Frequently asked

How is my balance returned?

UNest will automatically return any remaining funds to the bank account you’ve linked to your account. We recommend taking the time to ensure your bank is linked for a smooth refund process. You can easily link a bank account in the app by tapping the top-right corner of the Home Screen, choosing Profile, then selecting Bank Details and following the steps.

Can can I still view past gifts?

Any previous history of received Gifts can still be viewed within the UNest app under the Transactions screen. Just select a child from the Home Screen, tap the Core Portfolio, then select Transaction History.

Can I still send or receive gifts?

Although Gifting is no longer available in the app, you can still contribute to your UNest account using the one-time deposit feature. Just select a child from the Home Screen, tap the Core Portfolio, then select the option to make a One-Time Deposit. Follow the steps to complete the deposit.

Does this impact my overall investment experience?

Gifting has been paused in order to streamline our product and improve the core investment experience. You can continue to manage your portfolios, track investments, and access other essential features without any disruption.

When is Gifting coming back?

We are still working on the next generation of gifting. Sign up with your email address for news, updates, and early access.

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