Family investing
made easy

Build a brighter future for your kids. Join the
growing community of parents that save and
invest with UNest.



Save for your kids, earn rewards.

With an investment account for kids, you can build a nest egg for college or a first car – or any of life’s goals.


It takes a village.

You’re not in this alone. Receiving money from friends and family is exceptionally easy with UNest Gifting.


Crypto for the whole family.

Build your nest

Invest without the stress.

Save and invest in a custodial investment account for your kids. UNest is a leader in family savings done right.


Receive gifts

Family and friends can contribute to a child’s account for holidays or special occasions.


Learn as you go

Want to become more money savvy? Get the tools and tips to build your own nest egg


Earn rewards

Add money to your kid’s account. Over 150 top brands are here to help like Disney+ and Doordash.

rewards refer


Increase your investing power.

Every cent counts, start with gifts from friends and family. Add rewards from top brands or refer new friends to earn a bonus on your account.


Safe and secure.

Bank-level security with top-level encryption keeps your custodial investments safe and sound. 

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Why families love us.

Join over 400,000 parents and kids saving for their future.

This app is a game changer in how I save for my kids.
I love that UNest is more than just an investment account.
Can’t believe my kids have their own investments.
Now I have a solid financial plan for my daughter.
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Level up with crypto.

Build a modern diversified portfolio for your kids with UNest Crypto.